Our Spay/Neuter pricing includes Anesthesia, IV Catheter fluids, Antibiotic injection, and take home pain medication. We do require getting a Pre-Anesthetic blood panel done the same day of the surgery to ensure safe processing of the Anesthesia. For more information on the importance of doing Pre-Anesthetic blood work, please CLICK HERE.

Male (Neuter)...Monday through Friday

Cat Neuter: $60
Dog Neuter under 20 lbs: $ 90
Dog Neuter 21-50 lbs: $125
Dog Neuter over 50 lbs: $155
Cryptorchid Neuter surcharge:
(when a testicle has not descended)
$50 Inguinal; $100 Abdominal

Female (Spay)...Monday through Friday
Cat Spay: $90
Dog Spay under 20 lbs: $125
Dog Spay 21-50 lbs: $170
Dog Spay 51 -69 lbs: $189

Dog Spay over 70 Ibs:$3.75 per pound

Dog In-Heat Surcharge: $35-$90 by lb
Cat In-Heat Surcharge: $25

Additional Pricing:

*Initial exam is Complimentary to New Pets.

Fvrcp: $ 20
FelV: $25
Rabies: $20

DHPP: $ 20
Bordatella: $20
Rabies: $ 20
*Vaccine only appointments are done
during our Wellness hours ( Mon-Friday 10:30am-12:00pm and
Saturday (8:00am-10:00am)

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work:
(done same day of surgery)
Blood Panel : $52
Highly recommended to check Kidney
, Liver function and complete CBC for safe processing
of anesthesia. (Click Here for more info)


Microchip $43

Dog Pregnant Surcharge: $35-$60
Cat Pregnant Surcharge:$35
Overweight Charge (female dogs): $60
Umbilical Hernia Repair: $65
Anal Gland Expression: $17 w/surgery
Deworming: starts at $ 20

Nail Trim: $9 w/surgery

Ear Cleaning: $9 w/surgery

Cat De-Claw (Front only):$240
Cat De-Claw (Front only):$200
( when done with spay or neuter) plus  cost of spay/neuter

*Requires overnight stay

Dog Dew-Claw removal (rear only):
$30 skin attached
$60 bone attached
*Done only with a spay/neuter

Capstar single dose: $10
*Mandatory if your pet has fleas

E-Collar: $10 plus tax
Cat Carrier: $7 plus tax